Welcome to my new blog!

September 25, 2017

I’ve been wanting to build a platform to talk about my projects and ideas for a while now, so here it is!

This site is built with Jekyll, which is a great simple static site generator written in Ruby. It allows for a lot of flexibility over a regular static site, as it uses the Liquid templating engine. Templating is great, since it allows you to have dynamic content and you don’t need to repeat markup in multiple files.

I’ve used Jekyll before, but I used the built-in Minima theme. With this site, I’ve been able to learn how to use more of the different aspects of it. In particular, I learned how to build a custom theme for Jekyll; I’ve made custom layouts and CSS for this site, which I plan on cleaning up and publishing, so other people can build a blog that looks like this.

The theme was somewhat inspired by Microsoft’s design language, in particular the Official Microsoft Blog, but it’s not meant to be a perfect clone. One of the biggest obstacles is being unable to use Microsoft’s icons due to licensing, so I’ve stuck with using Google Material Design icons. I’m not sure they fit, but it’s usually what I use.

Let me know if you have any suggestions for the site on GitHub!